Genospace understands that genomics is driving the development of precision medicine. We have developed a single storage and security platform through which we deliver a variety of applications and services. We specialize in data integration, modeling, analysis, interpretation, visualization and collaboration. Our applications are designed to improve and expand the products and services that you provide to your customers.

Trial Match

Genospace Trial Match: Match patients to trials in a mobile app

Genospace Trial Match is a mobile application that enables real-time clinical trial matching. The app provides instant actionability as physicians and other clinical professionals interact with patients. Users review trials with patients and refer patients to trials in second. The application updates with new EMR, molecular, or clinical trial information and revises matches for relevant patients. When matches are updated, users receive push notifications on their phone and can take action to facilitate trial enrollment. There, physicians can set up appointments, email trial details to patients, contact trial principal investigators, or set reminders for follow up. A desktop portal allows managers a system-wide view of all patients and trials, along with the ability to track all trial matches and referrals being made via the app.

Population Analytics

Genospace Population Analytics: Integrate and analyze large data sets

Genospace Population Analytics provides a visual and interactive environment for analyzing combined clinical and molecular information. The platform enables researchers to visualize population data through displays that allow the selection of specific patients of interest. Data selections can be created iteratively, combining values across different variables, and then saved as cohorts in the platform. The platform provides a number of data analysis capabilities, including automatic quantitative and correlative comparison across and among data variables, which often leads users to novel data correlations not previously investigated. 

Genospace Population Analytics provides a number of capabilities to support secure cloud-based collaboration and sharing. Users can share information on a peer-to-peer basis or through collaboration circles. The platform allows customers to offer tailored gateways to third party clients or other external groups. The data available within these portals is fully customizable by the customer. 

Research foundations, molecular profiling labs, pathology groups, health systems and networks of community practices are powered by Genospace.

Community Portals

Genospace Patient Portals: Education, trial matching, and data collection

Genospace Patient Community Portals are customized, white-labeled patient communities designed to provide online forums for patients, caregivers and other parties with an interest in diseases that have genomic links. Whether for disease foundations supporting online patient communities, providers running registries that involve high-dimensional genomic data, or sponsors collecting patient-reported-outcomes, Genospace Patient Communities are designed to drive patient engagement, education, communication and data management.

As an example, the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Community Gateway is powered by Genospace. View the live production site of one of our customers to learn more.


Genospace Clarify: Assemble proprietary knowledge bases

Genospace Clarify is a web portal that provides users with a workflow for curating molecular, clinical and other information. Genospace Clarify supports large panels up to exome-scale offerings. The information curated can be combined with Genospace standard content offerings, licensed content and other preferred customer-generated content or proprietary sources. Genospace Clarify is typically used if there is already an in-house curation team accustomed to their own report format and data sources.

Physician Portal

Genospace Physician Portals: Interactive report delivery and insights

Genospace Physician Portals enable pathology, laboratory and specialty diagnostics customers to provide high-dimensional genomic results to physicians that must comprehend an ever-expanding set of clinically actionable genomic information and provide that information to an engaged patient population. Genospace seeks to improve information delivery to physicians by providing customers with white-labeled portals that offer: 

  • Access to molecular profiling reports generated by external labs

  • Data from EMR or other clinical records

  • Additional information on genes, variants, therapeutics and enrolling clinical trials

  • Market-leading security and permissioning


Core Storage & Security Platform

Genospace data security and storage are the backbone of our platforms. Each of our customers has their own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and the data are the property of our customers. Our platform offers:

  • A modern approach to distributed computing relying on web services and APIs

  • Semantic databases designed for the specific needs of genomic data

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

  • Individual instances designed to protect customer data

  • Audit trails to support audit, compliance and management

  • Systems designed to be HIPAA / HITECH compliant

The offerings below are all deployed from Genospace's core storage and security platform.