Genospace Awarded Fast Track SBIR Grant to Enable Data Access and Cohort Construction for Biorepositories

CAMBRIDGE, MA — September 23, 2014 — Genospace, a precision medicine software company that has developed a comprehensive suite of tools to enable the broad use of genomic data in research and clinical care, today announced that it has been awarded Phase I of a Fast Track Small Business Innovation Research Grant (SBIR) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to enable enhanced data access and cohort construction for biorepositories.

During the past decade, the cost of generating genomic sequence and other biomedical data has fallen precipitously, creating a rapidly growing demand for advanced systems to analyze and interpret those data. Genospace provides a unified software platform that addresses the data access, analysis, interpretation, and reporting needs of diverse user groups–including research scientists, pathologists, oncologists, clinical trial specialists, medical directors, and patients. Built on a secure, scalable, flexible and robust technology stack, the Genospace system is designed to not only address today’s challenges, but to anticipate and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

The Phase I grant will support extension of the Genospace for Research™ population analytics platform to support advanced data management and analysis and study design for biomedical research samples stored in the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Center for Genetic Studies biobank. The resulting Genospace for Biobanks™ platform would provide a framework for expanded access to resources in other biorepositories.

“The NIDA biorepository and others like it are essential resources for investigating the molecular basis of disease,” said Mick Correll, CTO and COO of Genospace and Principal Investigator of the project. “Maximizing their value requires sophisticated software systems that can provide access to the combined genomic and phenotypic information associated with the banked samples and can enable complex analyses to search for genetic and multi-omic correlations with clinically relevant endpoints. Our tools will provide a platform for more efficient study design and post-study data collection and analysis. We are tremendously excited about this award and the opportunity to adapt our platform to add substantial value to these important resources.”

About Genospace

At Genospace, we are Digital Architects of Genomic Medicine™. Genospace is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based precision medicine software company that has developed a comprehensive suite of offerings for securely storing vast amounts of genomic and health data, and providing it in formats specific to its diverse user communities. Genospace for Clinical™ and Genospace for Labs™ facilitate clinically actionable interpretation and report generation for precision medicine. Genospace for Research™ provides dynamic analysis, visualization and collaboration tools on an advanced population analytics platform. Genospace for Patient Communities™ enables patient-centric exploration and advancement of personalized medicine. Please visit for more information.


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