Genospace has built a comprehensive platform for genomic medicine. As the precision medicine platform of Sarah Cannon, we serve research, clinical development, pathology and clinical care teams who work with high-dimensional genomic and other biomedical data. Many of the most advanced precision medicine organizations are powered by Genospace.


The central premise of developing a comprehensive set of offerings spanning R&D, clinical care and patient involvement is to improve patient care. From its founding, the Genospace team developed offerings that would impact patient care and exist in a clinical, HIPAA-compliant environment. Genospace has integrated genomic and other clinical data from laboratories, health systems and a network of community oncology practices. Our offerings are designed to augment existing information systems such as internal EMRs and those of referring practices and external labs. 

Offerings for Providers:

  • Single-patient view to integrate genomic and clinical data

  • Clinical trial matching and integrated reporting

  • Population analytics

  • Registry support

  • Integration with your EMR, LIMS and SSO systems

Research & Clinical Development

Genospace provides solutions to industry leaders focused on making advances based on integrated genomic and clinical data. Our offerings allow researchers to conduct cohort and biomarker discovery on data sets from observational studies, clinical trials, real-world evidence and patient reported outcomes. Development specialists can simulate enrollment based on real-world data from clinical data warehouses, laboratories and other sources.

Genospace has integrated molecular and other biomedical data for clinical development analyses from laboratories, hospitals, health systems and clinical oncology groups. As an example, the research gateway supporting a 1000-participant observational oncology study for one of the most innovative research foundations in the world is powered by Genospace.


At Genospace, we believe patients should have access to their genetic information. Our offerings provide online access to molecular and other health information for patients of labs and providers. We also provide platforms for communities of individuals based on disease groups and groups of trial participants that enable education, communication and disease tracking. See how one of the most innovative research foundations in the world powers its patient community with Genospace.

Offerings for Patients: