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to improve patient outcomes



Informed Decisions.

Better Outcomes.

At Genospace, we understand that genomics is driving the development of precision medicine, yet scaling its delivery is an unsolved challenge. We’re here to help. Our platform is designed to make biomedical data meaningful and accessible to everyone, especially those on the front lines of care delivery. Arm your clinicians and researchers with the information they need to make informed decisions and join us in our mission of leveraging high-dimensional molecular data to improve individual patient outcomes and accelerate drug development and research.


Data Aggregation

Large-scale population data is necessary for drug development and research. Conduct cohort-driven analyses to inform your research activities with the Genospace platform.

Trial Matching
& Recruiting

We specialize in clinical trial research. Use the Genospace platform to match fragmented patient data to complex trial criteria and expedite patient accruals.

Clinical Decision

Integrate genomic medicine into mainstream clinical care with the Genospace platform. Genospace provides information in a way that is actionable and tailored to individual patient encounters.

David Spigel

“I got a call from a physician asking about trial availability for a patient with a specific alteration, disease, and setting. The search pulled up great results that are accurate. Genospace is quick and easy, a guaranteed win."

- Dr. David Spigel, Chief Scientific Officer; Director, Lung Cancer Research Program, Sarah Cannon

Nancy Solak

“I’ve consented 17 patients so far this year using Genospace, and our prescreening efforts have increased as well."

- Nancy Solak, Research Coordinator, Florida Cancer Specialists

James Reeves

“Genospace has unique features that allow matching patients to clinical trials using molecular data.”

- Dr. Jim Reeves, Director of Research Operations, Florida Cancer Specialists


A Patient Centered Experience

Genospace transforms complex biomedical data into actionable and useful insights. From data modeling to user experience design, improving patient outcomes is at the center of everything we do.


 Driven by Data & Analytics

Biomedical data is only meaningful when augmented by human expertise and intuition. Following a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary approach, our team merges the tools and techniques of genomics, analytics, cloud-computing, and machine learning to deliver our platform.


Genospace is the precision medicine platform of Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare



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newly diagnosed cancer patients


hospitals and surgery centers


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